What Are The Services Provided By Carnabys?

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For several centuries, decadent ornaments and jewellery have fascinated people of all classes, genders, and ages. The obsession with jewels and luxurious accessories is so profound that it continues to be a significant part of our traditions, culture, and society. For example, the concept of engagement rings has become more intense over the years, and as diamonds are seen as a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and promise, they are often a top pick for many fine jewellery accessories.

Whether you’re looking to propose to your partner, pamper yourself, gift loved ones something of value, or simply elevate the appeal of your attire, investing in jewellery is a splendid idea. However, if you’re interested in something spectacular or a match for your luxurious expectations, look no further as Carnabys Bespoke Jewellery specializes in a broad range of customized jewellery.

Our bespoke jewellery is handcrafted and meticulously designed to suit you and your loved ones’ personal desires. We even do custom engagement and wedding bands. All you need to do is share your ideas with us, and we will craft or recreate your piece of jewellery with the help of our design team and tradespeople.

For additional value, we even offer repairs, resizing, and upcycling services for your existing jewellery pieces. We also provide cleaning and polishing services to bring your jewellery back to life, irrespective of you being our client or not.

When you avail of our services, we promise you a unique range of products, comprehensive advice, stunning designs, reliable repair solutions, and bespoke pieces that you are guaranteed to love.

Our clients love that we offer customized jewellery and repairs and redesigning services for family heirlooms, as most jewellery stores and boutiques fail to provide these. They are generally more focused on the sale of their products rather than helping you meet your requirements.

At our flagship retail store in downtown Toronto, we cater to your specific needs no matter how big or small. Additionally, our prices are fair and affordable as we charge based on the services requested.

For a quote of our products and services, feel free to reach out to Carnabys Bespoke Jewellery today! You can either give us a call at (416) 792-4992 or email us at geoff@carnabys.ca with your questions and requests. 

Carnabys Bespoke Jewellery is a renowned gold and diamond jewellery store in Toronto, ON, and we promise our clients high-quality standards. Our craftsmen specialize in new and old school jewellery designs and offer you the freedom to incorporate your ideas and expectations into the design of your beautiful accessories. At the same time, we have a broad reach when it comes to sourcing precious materials, and can deliver whatever you desire. Once we acquire everything we need from your end, we get to work and meticulously create fine jewellery that matches your aesthetic, personality, and lifestyle.

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