Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I choose Carnabys?

    Since our inception in 2018, We strive at delivering extensive education, guidance, and value and back it up with two decades of experience garnered in the jewellery industry to ensure you are always aware and ahead. Our clients feedback and the amount of private projects we realized for them around the world have helped us become one of the top ten custom jewellers in Toronto. Our experience of the jewellery industry and commitment to redefine traditions, infusing innovation in the process of creation means that your custom project could be delivered within as little as three weeks while most jewellers will generally offer 6 to 8 weeks leadtime for your project. Every single one of the items we offer is handcrafted in Toronto by a seasoned team of bench jewellers, fully certified, with a commitment to the highest level of quality and respect of the timeline presented. This is ensured by the integration of our business locally and our stringent selection process of gemstones and recycled gold at all time.

    • What is bespoke jewellery?

    Bespoke is the realization and fabrication of an item uniquely to your measure, tastes and level of details in accordance with your budget. It means that every piece we create for you is surely dedicated to your specifications, needs and wants, like a dream come true. Every step of the process, we involve and inform you of the latest status of your project so you can enjoy the end result fully. Unlike any mass-market items, our products are handcrafted to your specifications. Our creations are never reproduced, just like two stones are never the same. Get in touch with us via phone, live-chat or email to learn more about our process, competitive pricing and ask why us why we are a hidden gem in the industry.

    • What is the process for custom jewellery?

    We wanted to drive a clear and easy process for our clients interested in creating a unique piece of jewellery.

    It starts with a one-on-one consultation highlighting, your needs, input of details for materials, gemstones, creative leads and budget allocation.
    Should we handle it from a blank canvas perspective or start up with an item that is passed on to you from previous generation, our priority is always at providing you with all the education required to make the right decision.

    A series of renderings and exchanges around the qualities and features of your projects are realized in multiple angles. You can then visualize the item as it will be produced through technical drawings.
    In parallel, the fist physical elements to cast your jewellery are created via a 3D printing process to prepare for actual casting.

    Once we approve the design, selection of materials, gemstones, and budget, we are moving forward into production.

    Our lead-time for production does rarely exceed 10 to 15 business days.

    You receive communications from us that highlight the progress status of your project throughout the timeline dedicated to it. We strive to provide you with ample information towards the delivery of your item.

    We require a deposit following the consultation should you be satisfied with the quote provided for the project and wish to move forward. Each project is unique and we highlight the required payment structure to be as follows in most cases:
    50% initial deposit required for a project involving gemstones you already possess or that we have previously acquired and own.
    50% remaining balance to be paid ahead of delivery notice.

    In the case we would have to source the gemstones within our trusted network for your project, we will require an initial deposit of 75% of the global value of the project. The 25% remaining balance to be paid ahead of delivery notice. Quotes are provided and effective for a limited time and are annexed to market conditions and availability.

    • Do you offer ethically sourced stones?

    We only source from reputable mines we have engaged in business with in accordance to the Kimberlite process. Most diamonds will either be sourced from Canadian or Australian mines ensuring the highest level of transparency as to their practices. Other gemstones follow a similar process of selection we deem paramount. We also offer lab-grown gemstones in search for further developments in the fields of sustainability. In parallel, we strive to use recycled gold exclusively and leave a cleaner footprint on our planet.

    • What will I find at the Carnabys location?

    Our retail space is dedicated to the one-on-one consultations, time during which we can define your project together and offer solutions and creative input. The space and experience redefine the relationship you have with jewellery by getting access to existing and available pieces for inspiration and give you a personal feel for the project to be delivered. Our experts are available for one-on-one consultations, to help you find your perfect fit, discuss servicing the jewellery you own from any brand and provide a 100% confidence in our abilities to handle your project, should it be to modernize family heirloom, change and repair broken parts, clean and refinish your jewellery or resize your precious band. We also offer an exclusive Carnabys collection of ready to wear jewellery available in gold should you want to celebrate or need a little something for someone you care about or obviously treat yourself to our unique designs.

    • I live overseas, do I need to visit the Carnabys location?

    While we strive to offer a world-Class experience at our location, we extend the same level of services to your project while you are located away from us. Our overseas and non-local clients deserve equally to find the solutions we provide at their own pace and in respect of the time difference. We offer support over the phone, via live chat and through emails to ensure that we can create the pieces you dream of and can not find locally. This is highlighted by the ever - increasing volume of projects we handle for our clients in Europe, USA and Asia alike.

    • Can custom jewellery be exchanged?

    As we create jewellery exclusively unique for you, we ensure in the process that you are fully satisfied every step of the way. If we do not offer exchange or refund on custom items, we certainly work with you to ensure that we can modify the item until you are fully happy with it. Diamonds selection comes either from our private collection or from one of our selected network to meet your requirements. Your stone purchase is a commitment that can not be revoked and therefore, non-exchangeable.

    • Do you offer a warranty on the jewellery I purchase?

    The jewellery we create and you wear is as unique as you are. We stand behind the process of fabrication and our customer satisfaction. Carnabys offers a lifetime warranty to protect against defects in craftsmanship. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or damages incurred due to trauma, negligence, lack of regular maintenance, loss, or theft. Should something happen to one of your supporting stones (excluding centre stones) we will replace under the first six months of enjoying your jewellery.

    • Ring to resize?

    We provide complimentary resizing for engagement rings and bands that we custom created for you as part of our service package should you have committed to surprise the recipient and could not provide us with the exact desired size during the creation process. Contact your Carnabys expert, the resizing process will be realize within a business week in most cases, if not faster, so you can fully enjoy wearing it again. Should you want to resize after wearing your jewellery, we can make arrangements for a resize for a nominal fee.

    • How do I care and maintain my jewellery?
    Six to eight months general care:

    We recommend a visit our a scheduled delivery of your jewellery for complimentary cleaning and check-up every six to eight months. You wear and live with the jewellery you own, even the pieces left in a drawer. We strive to prevent the eventuality of damages on bands, prongs and ensure the highest standards of health for your jewellery.

    On a monthly basis:

    We have developed a series of natural cleaners and polish cloths so you can take the best care for your jewellery in the comfort of your home ( We recommend it on a monthly basis)


    We recommend a scheduled maintenance comprising of (and if applicable): stress-test on prongs and band, plating and polish or resurfacing of finish to ensure that your lifetime piece remains as new as the day you received it.

    • Do I need jewellery insurance?

    We recommend that you make arrangements with your homeowners' or renters' insurance carrier. We are also accredited to provide you recommended independent insurance for your jewellery. In most cases, insurances require a certificate of evaluation. This document can be provided through Carnabys via a selected network of gemologists accredited to dispense the document. Our third-party approach ensures that the value of the goods purchases and the qualities of the pieces are true, verified independently and avoid surprises.