Alicia DaSilva-Tomei

Author: Mock Webware |

I am very impressed with my experience working with Carnaby's to resize my engagement ring.

Geoff was a pleasure to work with and provided excellent customer service.

When sending my ring in for resizing there was a bit of a delay in receiving it back in the time I was originally promised. Having an emotional attachment to my ring, Geoff understood and empathized with my anxieties. Although he didn't have to, he did not charge me for my resizing and offered me a complimentary gift for the delay. He was in constant communication with me to inform me on the status of my ring. I was so blown away. Considering I had a negative experience in the past with another jewellery sizer, Carnaby's handled this situation the way I imagine customer service should be handled!

My ring itself was sized perfectly (they used proper tools for measurement-not like the previously place I had been to!). My ring was also difficult to size due to its dainty shape, and I can't believe how well and comfortable it fits!

My experience with Carnaby's was so great that I plan on booking mine and my fiancés wedding band consultation with them!