What is the process for custom jewellery?

Author: Mock Webware |

We wanted to drive a clear and easy process for our clients interested in creating a unique piece of jewellery.

It starts with a one-on-one consultation highlighting, your needs, input of details for materials, gemstones, creative leads and budget allocation.
Should we handle it from a blank canvas perspective or start up with an item that is passed on to you from previous generation, our priority is always at providing you with all the education required to make the right decision.

A series of renderings and exchanges around the qualities and features of your projects are realized in multiple angles. You can then visualize the item as it will be produced through technical drawings.
In parallel, the fist physical elements to cast your jewellery are created via a 3D printing process to prepare for actual casting.

Once we approve the design, selection of materials, gemstones, and budget, we are moving forward into production.

Our lead-time for production does rarely exceed 10 to 15 business days.

You receive communications from us that highlight the progress status of your project throughout the timeline dedicated to it. We strive to provide you with ample information towards the delivery of your item.

We require a deposit following the consultation should you be satisfied with the quote provided for the project and wish to move forward. Each project is unique and we highlight the required payment structure to be as follows in most cases:
50% initial deposit required for a project involving gemstones you already possess or that we have previously acquired and own.
50% remaining balance to be paid ahead of delivery notice.

In the case we would have to source the gemstones within our trusted network for your project, we will require an initial deposit of 75% of the global value of the project. The 25% remaining balance to be paid ahead of delivery notice. Quotes are provided and effective for a limited time and are annexed to market conditions and availability.