Why should I choose Carnabys?

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Since our inception in 2018, We strive at delivering extensive education, guidance, and value and back it up with two decades of experience garnered in the jewellery industry to ensure you are always aware and ahead. Our clients feedback and the amount of private projects we realized for them around the world have helped us become one of the top ten custom jewellers in Toronto. Our experience of the jewellery industry and commitment to redefine traditions, infusing innovation in the process of creation means that your custom project could be delivered within as little as three weeks while most jewellers will generally offer 6 to 8 weeks leadtime for your project. Every single one of the items we offer is handcrafted in Toronto by a seasoned team of bench jewellers, fully certified, with a commitment to the highest level of quality and respect of the timeline presented. This is ensured by the integration of our business locally and our stringent selection process of gemstones and recycled gold at all time.